How Copy Trading Makes
Cryptocurrencies Accessible to

In less than a decade, cryptocurrencies have evolved from fringe technical novelties into viable investment vehicles. A Bekryl study estimated that the value of the global cryptocurrency market would top $283 billion in 2018 and enjoy a 43.7 percent compound annual growth from 2018 to 2028 — impressive numbers considering that Bitcoin (BTC) only debuted in early 2009 and digital currencies didn’t gain much mainstream attention until the mid 2010s.

What can make cryptocurrency trading easier?

This meteoric growth of cryptocurrency investments has so far occurred in spite of the often-considerable barriers to entry faced by newcomers. BTC, Ethereum (ETH) and other digital currencies represent a very different conception of money than familiar fiat currencies, which can seem daunting for first-time investors.

Moreover, their shared underlying technology — blockchain — is complicated. While it bears some resemblance to a database or spreadsheet as the basis for a system of record, its most distinctive features create a completely different experience for everyone involved. Blockchains are immutable. They also allow for mutually transparent transactions between parties without the need for a traditional third-party intermediary.

It’s common for new traders to feel overwhelmed by all of these technical details of cryptocurrencies and think they can’t succeed. Far from it. Convenient options such as the copy trading features of CAPVERTO Exchange remove some of the biggest barriers to entry and allow members to get off to a running start with their crypto portfolios.

Copy Trading: The best way to get started with cryptocurrency trading

Accurately forecasting the often-volatile markets for BTC, ETH, and company, and turning a profit along the way, is challenging. Fortunately, CAPVERTO members don’t have to sink their own time and energy into perfecting this art; they can just follow the best traders on the platform instead.

This copy trading resembles the practice of the same name from conventional finance, whereby someone can import the trades of a professional in exchange for channeling (to the original trader) a small cut of the profits accrued from them. It’s a reliable route to a balanced and resilient portfolio.

Of course, there’s still the question of how to find and select traders whose portfolios reflect the priorities and risks that you can accept. In CAPVERTO Exchange, finding the right traders to follow is a highly streamlined process, thanks to:

  • Searchable trader profiles, each of which includes a bio and a total dollar amount of the trades they’ve conducted.
  • Ranked results, based on the respective profits traders have realized over a given time period.
  • Regularly updated distinctions for the top traders, e.g. “Today’s Trading Champion.”
  • Categories for a wide range of trading activities (eventually); CAPVERTO launched with one main category but others are slated for the future.

On the more technical side, all Copy Trading within CAPVERTO Exchange includes a deduction that goes toward both the original trader and CAPVERTO itself. This makes the setup beneficial for expert traders while also opening up another avenue of influence on the value of the CAPVERTO utility token (CAP).

CAP and copy trading: A powerful combination for cryptocurrency beginners

CAPVERTO Exchange was built specifically to meet the needs of underbanked and unbanked consumers, and CAP and Copy Trading ensure that it delivers for them. CAP is influenced by copy trading as well as by activity with the prepaid international card that every CAPVERTO member must purchase to participate in any platform trades.

Accordingly, its value is a reflection of productive activities instead of speculation. Both the cash back from the prepaid debit card and a portion of the Copy Trading profits (for original traders) are denominated as CAP utility tokens. Through the card and copy trading, even beginners who’ve never maintained a traditional bank account have a dependable roadmap for success within CAPVERTO Exchange.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be confusing or risky to use. Visit for more information on participation.