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Top App Development Trends Business Should Look Up In 2023.

Cross Platform App Development.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

  1. Automation is the most used and popular AI trend. As it was previously mentioned, it helps automate human repetitive and complex tasks to save time, allowing businesses to scalate faster.
  2. Chatbots with smart replies are also an important trend to look up in 2023. These chatbots are able to have human conversations with users, by learning from customers’ previous FAQs. They rely on human support to help them in case of error, until they progressively learn in order to totally replace human customer service.
  3. Finally, apps with facial recognition will increasingly become more popular and extend their aims. This feature is mostly used for improving cybersecurity (like a lot of current online bank apps) and it will be seen in more and more apps in the next few years. However, face recognition is also being explored and used for other uses, such as for medical purposes. In example, there are already some apps that are able to scan a patient’s face, identify their symptoms and offer a diagnosis.

On-demand Apps.

Shopping Apps.





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