Submitting your Final Report

Youth Intern & Supervisor reports are due no later than March 31st 2015. The report process is straight forward, but let’s walk through filling out the Youth Intern Final Report step by step.

First, head to and click on the link for the YI Final Report:

You’ll be taken to a secure page hosted by RightSignature, that will let you fill out and sign the online report. You’ll need to give a valid email, and before we receive the filled out report, a confirmation link will be sent to the email you entered.

There will be a few sections of multiple choice questions to answer.

When you get to the Personal Reflection section, the first question will ask if this position has influenced your career path. Think for a moment, has it exposed you to new types of work? Given you new skills that you intend to use down the road? Perhaps totally changed where you want to go with your career? Share your thoughts in the response box on the report.

After a few more multiple choice questions, the end of the report will ask “What did you get out of this experience personally?”

Try and give a meaningful answer to this reflection question, the box is large for a reason ;)

Finally, sign the report at the bottom, and hit the “Submit Signature” button to the right. That’s all there is to it!

Note that the submit signature button to the right of your signature will only turn green if you have filled out ALL required fields, and checked ALL required boxes on the final report.

Thanks for submitting your Final Report!