A customer bought an auto-lease car!

rental-car lease shop ACT JAPAN since 1929

Nissan Wing Road

This customer had had a light vehicle( Subaru R2), but it was small for 3 people to ride…so He visited us to find a bit larger car.

We recommended a station wagon, Nissan Wing Road, large enough to take 3 people.

Its trunk is also large.

As we outlined the auto-lease, the customer asked us if he bought it as used car. Then he decided to buy it on the installment plan for 1 year.

If there is a auto-lease car which is terminated, considering the car’s use and necessity for the car, we can suggest a choice, purchasing it as used car.

Because Act Japan is a repair and maintenance shop, of course we deliver cars in well maintenance condition.

We can manage flexibly to your requests, so let us know if you have questions and requests!

・Phone 092–938–2231
・E-Mail actjapan@gmail.com
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