Done repairing for oil leakage!

A cause of oil leakage for AUDI A4 ・・・

Mr. S came to our company with his car ,AUDI A4, oil leakaged.

Thank you for coming to our company, Mr.S!

Soon we lifted and inspected his car, we found an oil leakage from engine.

For fixing the oil leakage, we took AT transmission off.

This is the image which is taken from the bottom.

After we took it off, we found the OTHER trouble, a water leakage from heater hose.

Though it had been difiicult to find the water leakage because it was hided by transmission, we found it this time.

This is the image of the part an oil leakage caused from.

Normal: a black part, oil seal, to prevent from an oil leakage and an extraneous material of outside is connected to a silver plate.

But…we found that the oil seal was off.

That was why the oil leakage was happen.

We will deliver his car after exchange the oil seal and fixing the water leakage.

Thank you Mr. S.!

Reference price of repairing (it depends on condition and kinds of car. Feel free to contact us!)

Cost of taking AT transmission off -70000 Japanese yen
Cost of exchanging an oil seal-5000 JP yen

rear seal-20000 JP yen

The costs are without taxes.

Contact us for Inspection,repair and maintenance.
・Phone 092–938–2231
4–2–5 chojabaruhigashi kasuya-machi kasuya-gun fukuoka 811–2317
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