How was the inspection of 11-year-old Nissan Moco?

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11-year-old Nissan Moco

Its typical body color is Moco berry, clear pink.

Moco has variety of patterns and materials on same brown seat.

We checked under-floor parts of body and didn’t see any rust.

We exchanged a small part.

Non-trouble automobile inspection has inspections which check 51 points 3 times till next automobile inspection.

We try to prevent prices from exchanging parts which are caused by years.

Dealers specify over 40 parts of targets for exchanging if a car is 11 years.

Then they recommend to buy new car to customers.

We regard checking condition by sight as important, and we do not recommend to exchange parts which haven’t approached the period of exchange yet.

Checking cars closely every half month is to look the progress of sight last time.

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