Mercedes-benz AMG had automobile inspection.

automotive repair shop ACT JAPAN since 1929

He looks really cool…I was taking lots of pictures of him in abandon.

He will take FREE 51 check points inspection in half month.

We hope he will have been fine without any troubles for 2 years bu taking free inspections every half month.

We try to prevent prices from exchanging parts which are caused by years.

Dealers specify parts of exchanging depending on years, but we regard checking condition by sight as important, and we do not recommend to exchange parts which haven’t approached the period of exchange yet.

The owner told us about inspection at dealer. They told him the car could run 200000 km, but it had run only 50000 km for 7 years…Then they specified to exchange parts according to years and gave a quotation for parts and fixing by 800000 yen though any bad troubles weren’t found…

Many customers google, and contact us.

・Phone 092–938–2231
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