Renault kangoo had inspection.

automotive repair shop ACT JAPAN since 1929

Its color is a build-to-order color.

This nice color fits on stylish cafe,flower shop, used clothes shop, and antique shop…

Kangoo is the best seller of all Renault cars in Japan.

People who look for high utilities car tend to buy Kangoo.

10 years have passed since the owner had it. This inspection was the third times.

Non-trouble automobile inspection attach FREE 51 check points inspection every half month for 2 years.

The more years the owner has his car, the more understanding our inspection has good cost-performance. We do not recommend to exchange parts which haven’t approached the period of exchange yet. We consider the order of priority and the cost with customers.

See you in half month for free inspection, Mr. Kangoo!

・Phone 092–938–2231
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