Freelancers, find your office!

Caravan can offer freelancers what they’d be missing out on at home

According to recent survey, 1/3 of the U.S. workforce identifies as freelancers. In Canada the situation is shaping up along the same lines: freelancers will make up 45 per cent of the Canadian workforce by 2020, according to Intuit, the Canadian tax filing software company.

But as numbers increase, some of the lustre of freelancing is fading. Much has been said about the loss in benefits associated with the gig economy, and now there are increasing voices about the loneliness felt by freelancers.

As always, the experience will come down to the individual. While some freelancers might find ways to cope with the loneliness of freelancing, others could benefit from some of the things offices provide — even if they would like to maintain their autonomy.

Come to Caravan

Caravan is a great place for any freelancer who feels like they’re missing out on something that the office can provide. We enjoy having freelancers within our ranks; they bring new ideas and a fresh energy to our operations, they can use our shared facilities as they see fit, and we aim for win-win experiences.

The cost of having a dedicated desk in our lively-but-quiet office is below the rates at most co-working spaces in the area. About half of our spacious and bright office is communal areas. The other half is in the classic open-office (bullpen) setup.

Here are some of the advantages of freelancing from Caravan:

Access to the team dynamic

A bit of banter here, a meeting there: being around collaboration can be beneficial. It doesn’t hurt to have ‘people doing things’ close by, especially when those things are related to what you’re doing.


A lot of freelancers commiserate that no one hears their cries when things go wrong. They don’t have anyone to turn to when they need to vent about a project. This can leave a person feeling as if a disproportionate amount of bad things happens to them. They would like to feel universality in their work and challenges. Likewise, they don’t have as many people to celebrate with when things go well.


We are far from authors of the book on office etiquette and professionalism, but we do hold ourselves to certain standards. Good habits come from good company.


During key moments, we bolster our teams with trusted freelancers from our own workplace. This could provide you with another stream for work, and a lasting relationship with our team.

Conference rooms, a War Room, office kitchen and lounge area

You’ll have access to our full stack of amenities. You might find it is about as comfortable as home, but with the things that make you look super professional.

You can bring your dog

If it’s your dog that you’re worried about leaving alone, then don’t worry, they are invited too.

And the disadvantages:

You have to wear pants

Shorts are acceptable in the summertime.

You have to shut off the lights if you’re the last one out

With 24/7 access, there will be times when you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

You will get trounced at FIFA

If you enjoy sports games, we hold informal and formal matches after work (and sometimes at lunch).

You have to leave the house to get here

But it’s in the heart of Montreal’s tech scene, so you can feel good about that.

So if you’re interested in learning more…

Give us a call, drop us a line, or simply come by during office hours. Pricing is negotiable, and you can start right away.

— — —

Caravan is a digital cooperative which believes in the power of great ideas, the importance of beautiful design and the value of insight-led strategy. We move forward organizations through dedicated product teams, user experience and software engineering expertise since 2012.

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