Pets Parade Page! 🐶 🐱 🐰

We asked to see your furry friends on holiday with you, and boy, you didn’t let us down! We received some gorgeous pictures, and whilst we can’t show them all, here are a few of our favourites…

Check out this cheeky chappy!

Here is the gorgeous Alfie, he is a rescue dog and nobody really knows what breed he is! Dad Paul says, “He has a corgi body and corgi fur, his other features belong to a terrier of some kind, we think his head comes from a fox lol. He is so cheeky, everyone who sees him falls in love immediately!”

Keo’s a pretty cool cat 😎

Here is Keo she is 11 yrs old and is a Norwegian Forest Cat. She’s been rallying and caravanning with her Mum Andrea all her life. Keo thinks the caravan was bought solely for her benefit!!

Dylan loves a cuddle in the Caravan

This is Dylan. He is 9 years old this April, and is a Yorkie/Bichon cross. He loves going on holibobs, and enjoys snuggling up with Mum Amanda in the caravan.

Winnie on guard!

This is the adorable Winnie as a 12 week old Boxer puppy. She loves going caravanning with her Mum Joanne, and her 5 other brothers and sisters! Lets all take a moment to applaud Joanne for taking 6 dogs with her on her caravanning adventures! 🥇


Zak, Ozzie, Perth, Kiki and Berri love to cuddle up together. Mum Janice does agility with them all, and they caravan most weekends! Janice said, “That is their favourite spot. They’d stay there all day given the chance!”

Awwh look at that little face 🐱

This is Sox, Mum Lynne got him when he was just 7 weeks old. This was his first trip away for 4 nights in South Meadows Caravan Park, in Belford. Lynne says, “His next trip away will be Easter to Chainbridge, Berwick for 5 nights!”

Gorgeous Molly

Molly is a rescue dog. Mum Linda says, ‘We have had her for 12 years and we think she is a short haired collie. She is around 14 years old, but it’s difficult to be accurate as she was a stray. This picture is at the needles on the Isle of Wight with alum bay in the background’

It’s the eye of the tiger 🐯

Meet Rocky! The 1 year old hamster who just loves to join his family when they go caravanning. Member Jenny said, ‘Rocky is my daughter’s hamster. He first came with us to Chirk CC site last August. He hadn’t been 100% so we didn’t want to leave him…Now he always comes along, he even came to Silverdale for New Years Eve.’ 🐹

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