Toby Take Over 🐢

We cannot believe the support our Members have given us, and how wonderful your feedback has been regarding our little mascot Toby. You all played apart in creating him, and we are so pleased with the end result!

We have loved seeing you all post pictures of your stickers in action! So please keep them coming, they brighten our day 🌞

We love our little Toby, and we hope you do too!
Toby traveling with Gary’s in his tow car!

“Nice little logo stickers. I imagine that on caravan sites these may generate new friendships as people will know at least we share a common group on Facey Bee. All in all, a nice wee logo to brighten up the tow car or van.”- Gary B.

Toby traveling with Debbie in her tow car

“Love it!! Now we can spot other caravan mad fans on our travels 😃 ”


Toby on his travels with Spud
Toby enjoying the view from Susan’s Caravan!
Karen’s Blue Peter creation 😉

We love what Member Karen, has done with her sticker. An easy way to make your sticker re-useable, FAB!