CarBerri: The Sweeter Solution To Car Ownership

Some of you reached out to us with your stories and pains about car ownership. To summarize, buying a car sucks and having to sell your car at the same time doubles the pain. Maintenance on your car should be easy, not a headache that leaves a dent in your wallet. Simply put, car ownership should be fun. All you want to think about is where you’re headed to next and who’s coming along for the ride. Who wouldn’t want a pleasant experience starting from the moment you buy a car up until it’s time to say goodbye?

We agree. Having experienced it first hand, car owners are at a serious disadvantage. There have been times where I’ve been taken advantage of and it leaves you with a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. There are handful of good experiences out there but it’s few and far between. Our team decided to do something different, and that difference was listen to YOU, a car owner.

Whether it be a truck from Alberta or a sedan in Vancouver, CarBerri is a community that connects car owners together giving them access to financing, warranties, and easy home delivery or pickup. We ensure a safe and efficient process by handling inspections, vehicle prep, and delivery. And, since you’re buying directly from a fellow car owner you don’t need to worry about hidden and unnecessary fees. Buyers pay less and sellers get more — that win-win combination is what we like to call a sweeter solution.

With most of your research and decision making happening online, we have made it easier than ever before, so you can go ahead and close those extra browser tabs. Car owners help others by leaving honest reviews on the vehicles they have owned. Technical specifications, the inspection and car history report are available right on the listing. By working together with some industry leaders such as CarProof and VMR we have been able to build a pricing system that helps price your car more effectively, ensuring a faster sale.

Register for our beta and help shape the app for others

Did we mention that there is no-haggling? Why? Because it’s awkward, intimidating, and can end up ruining a great experience. Transparency is key to building trust within the community so we give you all the information ahead of time. All you have to do is tell us when to deliver.

Our vision: To radically shape the future of car ownership.