The Importance of Taking Pictures When Selling Your Car and How To Do It Right

source: Goliath

You’ve decided that you’re ready to sell your car and you want to do it right. After looking at dozens of similar car ads and now it’s starting to make sense. You hit post. Crickets. After all the hard work you put into crafting your listing, there is not a single bite. How do you make your listing stand out among the hundreds of other listings out there. Pictures.

Having good pictures not only makes your listing more visually appealing, it also attracts more people to view your ad.

You never know if they will tag your cars next new owner. It takes a little effort and patience, but, getting it right goes a long way by making the process of selling your car smoother.

Consider the time of the day you are shooting your car. The sun is harsh during the afternoon and won’t lead to the best results. Try this instead, take a photo during sunrise and sunset.

2009 VW Golf photo taken @ 6:30pm

Make sure your background suits the car and the theme. Avoid having things in the background that will distract the eye. Things like dustbins, power lines and other cars can kill a picture.

You don’t need a DSLR, but if you have one we highly recommend using it. However, the camera from the iPhone still shoots beautiful photos with a bit of patience. With a good car photo there are good results and eventually a buyer.

source: ShoulderPod
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