CarBlock Project Progress Report

Nov.14 — Nov.28

Products & Technology

1. CarBlock CPO York Liang has become a technical columnist in Babite, one of the largest Chinese cryptocurrency forum and will share the knowledge of CarBlock technology and products, providing a rich knowledge framework and first-hand experience for blockchain technicians. The second and third blog has been published in the Babite forum.

2. CarBlock EOS-based PoC main network account has completed its creation and contract deployment.

3. CarBlock EOS-based PoC has run through real online environment

4. EOS contract optimization (mainly for security) has completed

5. EOS wallet plug-in interactive research and PoC integration has completed

6. Follow up all-dimensional car data mining machine US/Korea user test

Marketing & Community

1. CarBlock X Bihu KOL Recruitment event has aroused enthusiastic responses in the Bihu community. A total of 128 applications have been received for the registration of the KOL. After screening, congratulations on the following becoming the KOLs of CarBlock.

2. CarBlock has cooperated with the interchain pulse and opened a column on the interchain pulse to share CarBlock PoC development experience.

3. CarBlock has cooperated with CoinBucks and conducted preliminary cooperation discussions on overseas community development.

Industry & Ecosystem Cooperation

1. On November 17, 2018, Vice President of Engineer. Qin Yan & Software Development Director Tom Cao were invited to participate the Bytom Global Devcon Competition.

Mr. Yan Qing, Vice President of CarBlock Engineering, shared the vehicle data trading platform based on Bytom and the subsequent application design.

After all the 16 teams finished their presentation, Tom Cao, Technical Director of CarBlock, participated in the panel discussion and discussed the use of smart contracts and shared development experience with the guests from a practical perspective.

Finally, CarBlock won the third prize, Tom Cao, Technical Director of CarBlock took the stage to receive the award.

In the future, CarBlock will have further cooperation with Bytom on the technical level, the PR level and the ecological level.

2. CarBlock and Ping’An Insurance has conducted communications and confirmed the mileage insurance data requirements, including hardware, software, back-end data and overall data services research and discussion.

About CarBlock

CarBlock is the world’s first blockchain-based transportation solution built on data generated by smart devices. This circulation of car data on the blockchain is set to disrupt the entire connected car industry. You can find out more information about CarBlock, its partners, and current happenings at:

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