In order to ensure the real needs of CarBlock’s future business landing, after careful communication between the CarBlock Foundation and the HiCTO technical consulting team, we’ve decided to optimize the CAR token smart contract, a new CAR token would be issued, and the old CAR token would be invalidated.

The Reason Of Modifying The Smart Contract

In the past month, CarBlock has communicated and cooperated with companies such as BMW, Ford, GM, Renault, Volvo, SAIC, FAW, BAIC, BYD, AIWAYS, MOBI Auto Blockchain Alliance, Munich Reinsurance Group, Root Insurance Company, Wal-Mart Automotive Service Center of the US and Yourmechanic, gradually verifying the potential scene of blockchain business landing in the automotive industry.

To ensure that future transactions in the automotive service industry will be compatible with multi-participation (such as blockchain-based auto insurance business including OEMs, insurance companies, vehicle owners, maintenance companies, third-party loss assessment agencies, and CarBlock), the fault tolerance and versatility of complex business process will increase. We need to optimize and upgrade the original ERC20-based smart contract, and release new CAR tokens to support the smooth development of future business.

Stability Of The New Smart Contract

In order to ensure the security and scalability of smart contract, CarBlock’s smart contract has been audited by HiCTO, the most senior technology consultancy and service organization in the United Nations, and acted as CarBlock’s technical advisors to ensure that the codes have no potential problems and high risk factors. .

Smart contract code audit scope includes:
Integer overflow, integer underflow, function reentrancy, cross function skipping, for loop denial of service, time manipulation, random number manipulation, authenticated user input, short address attack, function permission control, ownership transfer, compiler version, Hard-coded addresses, use of Fallback functions, use of low-level functions, use of external functions, first-run loopholes, minimal visibility modifiers, incomplete function comments, etc.

About HiCTO

HiCTO was founded by Sihai Gao, former Dianping network CTO, and former general public network CTO Xiaoliang Pan. It is the largest and most well-known technical service organization in China. Team consultants include Ctrip CTO Yaming Ye, the former YHD CTO Jun Han, and former Ganji CTO Jian Luo, Meituan and Dianping Chief Data Officer Ye Chen, also has a number of full-time technical directors and senior architects from Xinmeida, Baidu, Didi, Ctrip and Baixing, have extensive experience in areas of the big data, front and back end technology architecture, operation and maintenance test, etc.

The specific code audit report will be announced to community members soon so please stay tuned!

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