Why Loss of Car Data Could Be Devastating

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Statistic shows that people are driving more than ever, and you’re probably one of them. But have you ever think of your car data? You are generating valuable car data everyday, and where have they gone?

They might be in the hands of some big OEMs, but the fact is your data is not in your hand. Isn’t that frightening? You as the car owner should have had 100% ownership of your car data but you are not! It’s like you have cooked a big nice meal but somebody else took it without a thank you note. Actually, your missing car data could mean a lot to you. For example, one of the benefits is that you can sell your data for real money and get customized service & products in return. However, now you have nothing.

And something even worse could happen.

You lose your privacy.

What is privacy? Though people talk about privacy all the time, I wonder if you really understand what privacy means.

Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.
— Marlon Brando
My take is, privacy is precious. I think privacy is the last true luxury. To be able to live your life as you choose without having everyone comment on it or know about.
— Valerie Plame

According to Wikipedia, our history discusses the concept of privacy into the following 7 aspects:

1. the right to be let alone

2. the option to limit the access others have to one’s personal information

3. secrecy, or the option to conceal any information from others

4. control over others’ use of information about oneself

5. states of privacy

6. personhood and autonomy

7. self-identity and personal growth

8. protection of intimate relationships

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But why privacy is that important to us and what could happen if you don’t have privacy?

As for the car data, losing your privacy means


Your data will be used by others

Whoever has your data may use your data to do whatever they want to do! Think about it, hundreds of harassing calls selling car insurance are because of your car data leakage. What’s more, your car can even be remotely controlled to perform certain tasks or commands and become a weapon to hurt others. And more likely that your car is involved in many disputes without your notice, while you as a car owner have to take legal responsibilities for them.


A huge damage to your mental health

The loss of privacy is the main issue causing mental problem. Any loss of privacy can create psychological depression and communication barriers.

Because privacy is something that we believe others cannot touch, such as letters, telephone calls, etc., but if they are known by others, it exerts a kind of illusion and a loss of security for us and further makes you live in fears and tears.

The creation of illusion is because of the breakdown of our original perceptions and beliefs. The things we believe are impossible suddenly become real, which can easily cause hallucinations such as others know my feelings and my secrets are spread, etc. These are the typical symptoms of schizophrenia.

At the same time, the sense of fear is intensified because the original secure place is no longer considered to be safe. For example, home is a secure place for you, but once you know your house is actually filled with hidden cameras….


The loss of freedom and dignity

The value of privacy is based on freedom and personal dignity. Today’s human society has evolved from the acquaintance society to the current stranger society, in which people’s perceptions and needs for privacy are becoming more and more intense and widespread. There is no real freedom without privacy, let alone personal dignity.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of losing privacy? If not, please close your eyes and image that you are walking naked on the street. Well, the feeling of losing privacy is even worse. You will feel ashamed, embarrassed, and overwhelmed, as if there is nowhere to go. Your dignity is trampled by others, and your freedom is nowhere to be placed.

As the example of previous Facebook data breach, once the personal information is leaked and disseminated, it can be reached to any corner of the world, and the consequences are unmeasured. In aspect of car data privacy, whoever has you data knows your personal information, driving habits, position and life track. In this world of suffocation and crowding, you have abandoned all the obligations and rights to defend your privacy. In the 24-hour brainwashing and monitoring, you are trapped in the ward like a patient. Eyes are on you, nowhere to run.

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So, is there any solution to help protect car data privacy?
Connected Car & Blockchain Technology
Chart by Statista — Connected Car Report 2018

On one side, the Connected Car is defined as a car that has a permanent internet connection via SIM card in connected hardwares, thus creating the basis for communication of the vehicle with other connected cars, smartphones, and the environment.

The global Connected Car market is expected to grow to US$30.6 billion by 2023. It is a huge potential market since connected car can offer better digital experience, increased driver safety and more convenience to the customer compared to the traditional one.

On the other side, blockchain is famous for its decentralization, transparency, immutability, high availability and secure, which provides great protection to your data safety once you have uploaded.

Being a company devoted on using blockchain for protecting data privacy in the connected car industry and promoting a healthy and fair data economy, this is our approach at CarBlock.

1)First and foremost, the ownership of the data belongs to the users, they’d have control over the data they generated and decide if and who they want to share the data with. And CarBlock can further help OEMs to be compliant with even the strictest privacy regulation act like GDPR.

2)Data will be encrypted using a decentralized proxy re-encryption approach, using services like Nucypher to make sure only the authorized party can have the access to that data set. The merit of this approach is that CarBlock don’t have the private keys from others and buyers, so CarBlock don’t touch the data itself to really make us fair and safe as an infrastructure.

3)All actions towards the data, like uploading, analyzing, exchanging and viewing, will be recorded on the blockchain through their distinguished hash to ensure the data authenticity and serve as an immutable evidence for future reference.

4)Watermarking technology will be applied to all data to secure accountability of any party who tries to resell or sabotage the data.

Currently, CarBlock has launched its own smart all-dimensional car data mining machine. It is a compatible connected car hardware which not only enables you to upload your real live data to the blockchain in CarBlock ecosystem, but also put the data ownership to your hands and offer you many other benefits. With CarBlock, your data privacy is 100% guaranteed.

CarBlock Smart All-Dimensional Car Data Mining Machine

CarBlock are also working closely with IoT companies like nonda (US №1 connected car smart device brand), auto service suppliers like insurance companies, dealers and maintenance providers, blockchain partners like Ontology and Bytom, distinguish lay firms across US, Europe and China to really put our application into practice, to ensure the users get the most benefit out of the digital age while keeping their data integrity under regulations in any region, and to enable a more fair yet thriving data-driven automotive industry.

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