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Why decarbonizing your company means significant returns on investment.

Recently, we shared our story on why we started carbmee, an enterprise software platform that accelerates corporate decarbonization efforts. Although there is a growing number of companies committing to net-zero and science-based targets decarbonization is still perceived as a cost factor rather than a foresighted investment. It is not surprising that many companies lack initiative to take measures in order to decarbonize their complex supply chains and procurement.

To us, data accuracy and a centralized, workflow-based platform is key to enable fast decision-making and turn efforts of decarbonization into a safe…

Meet carbmee the environmental intelligent enterprise that guides organizations to net-zero 🌏

When Christian and I met last summer in the heart of Berlin-Mitte for the first time we did not intend to work together on a powerful & category-defining mission. We connected instantly based on our common past as professional handball players. I told Christian about what I had been contemplating for the last few months: How software could help enterprises to decarbonize and reduce value chain emissions. I could not believe that companies commit to net-zero or science-based targets and are clueless about dealing with decarbonization of supply…

As part of the EU’s path to hitting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM — a.k.a carbon border tax) was adopted from July 14th 2021. Here’s how the CBAM impacts industry, and how you can avoid high costs by reducing your supply chain emissions.

Global trading has finally begun to take action against climate change: and the result is the world’s first carbon border tax. …

About a carbon-free future 🤲🌎

When faced with the challenge of decarbonization, many companies struggle — or even fail — to successfully analyze their supply chain emissions. This then causes a major delay in ensuring greener practices: Scope 3 emissions are responsible for up to 80% of total corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

Luckily, technology is here to help.

We created the carbmee platform to help businesses decarbonize their value chain and enable decision-making based on data about their purchases and sourcing. How do we do it?

LCA and ERP: Decarbonization Starts Here

First, we take data from the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; that is…

About a carbon-free future 🤲🌎

Dr. Ulrich Piepel, former CPO of Innogy, Senior Advisor to BCG & SAP Aruba

1) You were formerly CPO of RWE and innogy. Through automation and digitization, you achieved substantial cost reductions and quality improvements for your companies. Why did you decide to become one of carbmee’s business angels?

Christian, Robin and I met last summer to discuss the idea for carbmee, and because they wanted to learn about my experience in the field of procurement and digitization. Procurement has always been a very important, but also often underestimated topic, and procurement is a very complex challenge because of its multidimensional impacts on the business. The next challenge for…

About a carbon-free future 🤲🌎

Gisbert Rühl, previous CEO of Klöckner&co SE

3 Q&A Gisbert Rühl

1) You have been Chief Executive Officer at klöckner&co SE, one of the largest producer-independent distributors of steel. Under your leadership klöckner&co has transformed into a digital platform company. Why did you decide to join carbmee’s mission and become a business angel?

I have always been interested in new solutions and ways to transform companies for the future. In the face of global challenges such as climate change we need start-ups with impact-driven people to find new customer-centric solutions. …

About a carbon-free future 🤲🌎

3 Q&A Alexandra Morton

1) Alexandra, as former director of SCM Unilever, Starbucks and as Senior Vice President SCM Europe at Adidas you have transformed the supply chain structure with your innovative ideas and methods. Why did you decide to join carbmee’s mission and become a business angel?

I met Christian after his exit at scoutbee. After several conversations about the current challenges for the industry to reduce emissions and tackle climate change, we also talked about the possible responses of businesses to meet net-zero targets. I was fascinated by his vision of a carbon-free…


SaaS platform which analyzes carbon emissions within value chains & guides companies to net-zero.

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