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One big step for Carbo Culture, one giant leap for carbon removal!

Exciting news: We’re pleased to announce that Carbo Culture is taking the next step in carbon removal at scale with our Extended Capacity Reactor

The reactor is a larger version of our first pilot reactor that was built on our demonstration site in Central Valley, California in 2018. This feat is the result of dedication from our engineers Zach, Erik, Chris and Ron who feel an emotional nostalgia towards the smaller pilot system now..!

Erik and Chris next to the ECR.

The purpose of the Extended Capacity Reactor is to perfect our process on a larger scale. The new reactor model with 2x diameter increase will increase our production capacity four fold to more than .5tCO2e removal per hour, furthering our techno-economical scalability on the path to carbon removal at impactful scale.

ECR basking in the California sun.

Scalability is at the core of Carbo Culture’s mission of carbon removal.

The Extended Capacity Reactor has been compared to a specific Star Wars character due to its appearance and the nickname of R2 (Reactor 2) has already been floating around. R2-D2 is described as a droid who showed “great bravery in rescuing his masters and their friends from many perils”. Let’s hope the Extended Capacity Reactor (or R2 for friends) can prove to be as useful as its namesake for our new colleagues in the fight against climate change and the race to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

You can already pre-purchase Carbo Culture’s permanent carbon removal credits. Get in touch with Tim who can help you further.

If you were inspired by a mission to build scalable technology for carbon removal, or our Star Wars reference, please see our open positions here.

You can also stay up to date with our friend R2 on Twitter!



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