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On rituals, mapping data complexity, false summits, and finding the essence of impact

Dominguez Canyon, Colorado

On rituals

On mapping data complexity

On false summits

On finding the essence of impact

What we’re working on

  • We are preparing for next year’s Partnership for Climate Smart Commodity grant and supporting ourselves and partners to navigate the complexity of grant reporting. We are building tools that will support us in having a second brain.
  • Next month at 1 PM MDT on 1/18 we’re hosting an Off the Climate Record Event on How to ensure that data is impactful with two Data Scientists from Arva Intelligence.

What I’m reading

Can you help?

  • To better do our work, we’ve been building a second brain. We think it might have value for you too — especially if you are in the land sector and climate impact space. Could you please fill out this form to let us know about your interest? We’ll be in touch next year!
  • Carbon A List is in search of a skilled facilitator with a proven track record of facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops. This person would play a key role in developing stakeholder consensus on the current state of science and critical information gaps pertaining to land use change quantification in the U.S. Job description here.

Something personal



This blog covers anything put out by Carbon A List. It spans topics like agriculture, software, carbon, sustainability reporting, and stories.

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Christophe Jospe

Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.