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State of Design Systems: A Survey

How Are Design Systems Being Used?

Who is actually using design systems? How are smaller teams taking all of this guidance into their work? What’s working well? What isn’t?

What do design systems mean to teams? What tools are being used to support them? What’s working well in using systems? What isn’t?

Survey Results

Profile of Design Teams Surveyed

Design Project Types
Team Size Distribution

Identifying Reusable UI Elements

Do Designers Work Using Systems?

Design Systems Usage — Variety of Answers
Design Systems Usage —Simplified

Tools Used in Managing Design Systems

Where Design Systems are Succeeding

Added Value is Becoming More Clear

Advocates Leading the Way

Developers Are Involved Early & Often

Shared Source of Truth & Better Communication

Improved Speed & Consistency

Systems Evolving Over Time

Empowering the Team to Contribute

The Challenges of Design Systems

Getting Buy-In Can Be Tough

Systems Are a Team & Process Challenge

Documentation is a Big Challenge

A Value vs. Time Tradeoff

A Sense of Restricted Creativity

Hard to Maintain Irrespective of Team Size

Design Systems Need to Be Prioritized to Succeed

Steep Learning Curve

Design Systems, Looking Forward

What Can Be Improved

A design system is, after all, only the output of strong workflow and a collaborative, streamlined team working together.

How You Can Get Started




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Design Consultant & Co-Founder @ Glow. Previously at Fitbit, Shazam & Intel.