Announcing Carbon Pro

A couple weeks ago, we announced the launch of the world’s first hybrid stablecoin. Our fiat gateway is live at and allows any US based (excluding NY and WA right now) individual to wire and mint fully-backed and 100% redeemable CarbonUSD tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

We recognize that many of our users are institutions and businesses. To build a more open Carbon community and ecosystem, we are excited to announce Carbon Pro, a platform for US based institutions and businesses to register and mint CarbonUSD tokens.

Carbon Pro Dashboard

The main difference of the business platform is that it allows bank wires from company bank accounts. We maintain 100% KYC regulatory compliance by cross-validating the identities of the US-based businesses and associated company contacts asynchronously.

The platform is live right now and doesn’t require any additional setup. If you signup at, you will see an option to signup as an individual or as a business.

Carbon Pro Signup

We welcome any additional feedback and comments from the community at large. At Carbon, we are passionate about building the best products in the shortest amount of time. Suggestions will be taken into consideration in the next iterations and updates of Carbon’s fiat gateway.

We will be releasing a Demo video of how to use CarbonUSD’s fiat-gateway portal shortly, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and our Mailing List for the latest updates. :)

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