MEET.ONE Mobile EOS Wallet Integrates Carbon Fiber’s Fiat On / Off Ramp

3.28.19 MEET.ONE integrated Carbon’s new modular fiat on/off ramp, Carbon Fiber. This partnership allows MEET.ONE users the ability to send and receive CUSD, the fiat backed Carbon stablecoin, in a matter of seconds, fund them via linked bank accounts, and redeem them directly in the wallet.

Carbon’s stablecoin integration allows for seamless transfer of Fiat USD into CarbonUSD tokens, which are tradeable today on DEXEOS, NEWDEX, FINDEX, EOSDAQ, Bancor and elsewhere.

Carbon Fiber in MEET.ONE

Once a user sends money to Carbon’s financial partner, PrimeTrust, either a mint or withdrawal signal is issued. The process takes around 1–2 business days.

“We are excited to work with Meet.One on reducing the friction going in and out of crypto. Meet.One has an incredible community and we’re humbled and honored to be collaborating,” said Gavin Mai, Chief Product Officer at Carbon.

CUSD is backed by USD fiat and undergoes a monthly attestation by the accounting firm Cohen and Company.