Deadly Blast In China Seen From Space

By: Komal

Deadly blast so intense, it was caught by Japan’s weather satellite orbiting the Earth.

An enormous explosion which hit Tianjin China was so powerful that it was seen from outer space.

The blast which erupted at the seaport in China happened in a warehouse for hazardous materials, and housed the deadly Cyanide. Reports suggest that the chemical sodium cyanide on site may have been 70 times more than the allowed amount.

Chinese authorities have evacuated thousands of people from three kilometers around the site of deadly explosions in Tianjin after discovering sodium cyanide among other toxic chemicals. It was not clear from media reports how many people were evacuated.

The disaster has raised questions about why dangerous chemicals were being stored so close to residential compounds without any saftey measures.

The explosions were so massive they could be seen from space, according to satellite photos released by the Japan meteorological agency.

Authorities earlier said they had lost contact with further 36 firefighters tackling the huge blazes. It is not clear if this includes the 12 who are confirmed to have died.

As the industrial fires burned in Tianjin, forest fires farther east also caused smoke to rise over China, according to NASA. The gray strands of smoke visible in the satellite images are likely due to these fires, the agency stated on its website.

A total of 8,000 new vehicles were destroyed in the blast. This includes 2,750 Volkswagens, 4,000 Hyundai-Kia vehicles and 1,500 Renaults.


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