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Green Morning’s at Nature Discovery Park, K11 MUSEA

On Monday April 26 we rejoined our re-tribe friends Sarah Kalmeta (@sarahthepivoter) and Aigul Safiullina, (@respira_breathwork) founder of Respira Breathwork for a morning at K11 Musea’s Nature Discovery Park.

On this (windy!) Monday morning we gathered our friends from across Hong Kong to tune in to the natural environment. After a short tour around the stunning rooftop farm, Sarah and Aiguil led the morning session with a movement, breathing and meditation exercise to set everyone up for the hectic Hong Kong working week ahead.

Carbonbase have teamed up with K11 Musea’s Nature Discovery Park to help them achieve their retail sustainability goals, with our specially commissioned App helping consumers save money while spending consciously on products vetted by K11’s climate conscious team. With our tailor made app visitors to NDP can now take advantage of exclusive discounts at their reception store.

About ‘Green Mornings’

Carbonbase ‘Green Mornings’ give busy Hong Kongers the chance to take a pause, collect our thoughts, and appreciate the incredible city in which we thrive. Carbonbase also hosts ‘Green Nights’ at an array of different venues across Hong Kong. At every event, guests earn their own “Green Pass” by calculating their individual carbon footprint using our carbon calculator available at to understand their personal environmental footprint. This handy feature allows you to build a carbon footprint profile in just 2 minutes.

Stay tuned for more Green Mornings coming soon!

Head over to to calculate your footprint.

Our next event will be on Wednesday June 16th at Soho House (Open to members only)*

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Over the last 200 years of human industrial development, fossil fuels and cement have powered our steam engines and built our modern lifestyle, but have also emitted over 400 billion tons of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere. And now we have less than 8 years to dramatically correct our course before we use up the 1.5° “Carbon Budget”, beyond which humanity will suffer all kinds of climate-related disasters. We need to dramatically reduce our emissions, saving what we can, and drawing down what we cannot.

Carbonbase recognizes that climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. However, we seek to reframe this challenge as an opportunity for people to create, collaborate, and mobilize the knowledge and resources necessary to forge a more sustainable future. We want to provide the tools for everyone to incorporate sustainability into the companies we work for, the communities in which we live, and our own personal lives.

Carbonbase is a climate change startup with expertise in data science, IoT and blockchain technologies. Our focus is to build innovative solutions in carbon emission management, energy, environment, sustainable finance and supply chain use cases. Our mission is to help individuals and companies explore new ways around sustainable business models, build novel user and business processes, and do good while doing well. Join us at

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Carbonbase is a fintech platform to facilitate sustainable investments for a global audience. We provide the easiest way for everyone to take effective actions against Climate Change utilizing data science and blockchain.

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