Carbon June(ish) preview

April=showers. May=flowers. June=design system expansion through theming, patterns, and community engagement.

Alison Joseph
Jun 12 · 4 min read


  • We’re wrapping up some component enhancements from May
  • Our theming tools are getting some much needed love
  • UI Shell was launched last month. It’s getting a pattern and more features
  • We’re working to create a written specification for every component
  • We’re bringing the full IBM Design Language icon library to Carbon users
  • The IBM Design Language Website will live in our new Gatsby theme
  • Contributing back will be easier than ever
  • Our support is ramping up. No issue left behind!

The details


Several Carbon components received enhancements in May, and we’ve been rounding off rough edges remaining from the Carbon v10 launch.


Carbon UI shell is stable and ready for production. We introduced the shell header, left panel, and right panel last release. In June, we’re developing a navigation pattern to guide effective use of shell components. Building for a platform isn’t easy, and we’re working to make it easier.


Shortly after the launch of Carbon v10, we introduced three additional color themes to Carbon. Keep an eye out for an updated theme sandbox to include Carbon v10 tokens and components in all four themes.

Component spec

As Carbon scales, each core asset needs a source of truth.


In our next update, we’re bringing the full breadth of the IBM Design Language iconography library to Carbon users. We’re investing in tools to bring these icons to you, through Sketch or through code, and we’re updating our website to offer a full experience for finding and using these new icon assets.


The IBM Design Language website will soon use our new Gatsby theme, and the Carbon site will be hot on its heels. The Gatsby theme empowers content creators and designers to deliver consistent web experiences with little to no technical know how. The ecosystem will soon be built entirely within the Gatsby theme.


The only way Carbon gets better is through contribution. As the system has grown and evolved, so too has our contribution model. Through this next project cycle, we’ll be working to explain the hows and the whys of contributing to Carbon.


Support is an ongoing project, and we’re learning to be better shepherds of community contributions. If you open up an issue, if you request a feature or report a bug, we’re committed to seeing that issue through.

We want (need) your feedback

Big isn’t easy. We know that, you know that. That’s why we’re building a system to make big projects feel a little more…little.


Carbon is the design system for IBM software products. It is a series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating unified UI.

Alison Joseph

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Developer for the Carbon Design System at IBM


Carbon is the design system for IBM software products. It is a series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating unified UI.