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Coming soon: Carbon Web Components v2


  • Upgrade to Carbon Design System v11
  • Upgrade to Lit v2
  • Upgrade to Typescript v4
  • Existing component baseline sync with Carbon React

A design system that started with React

The Carbon ecosystem: there and back again

IBM.com Homepage

Embracing a new browser standard

  • Ability to integrate with any JavaScript framework (including React)
    This addresses the needs of the many application teams making independent decisions on their UI framework of choice.
  • Ability to live in harmony with existing design systems or frameworks
    The encapsulation benefits of the shadow DOM assisted with gradual migrations from the older IBM.com design system to the Carbon Design System.
  • Ability to deliver components via CDN
    In addition to their availability as NPM modules, the encapsulated custom elements can be pre-packaged and delivered through IBM’s highly available Akamai servers. This gives teams that lack front-end developer support (in IBM there are many) the ability to skin a Carbon experience with JavaScript <script> tags and basic HTML markup.
<title>Carbon web component CDN example</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8" />

<!-- Adding IBM Plex font -->

<!-- CDN script for a Carbon button -->
<bx-btn href="https://www.ibm.com">Button</bx-btn>

Becoming part of the family

  • We migrated Carbon Web Components to the Carbon for IBM.com monorepo
    This ultimately allows for synchronized code updates and releases in a single repository.
  • We renamed the package
    With official support, the package name was changed from carbon-web-components to @carbon/web-components

The road to Carbon v11



Carbon is the design system for IBM software products. It is a series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating unified UI.

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Jeff Chew

Head of Engineering, Carbon Design System / IBM Design Program Office