CARBONEUM -In a nutshell.

Let’s recap.

For centuries most of the people around the world have looked for a safe and trustful means to either increase their wealth or find an income input alternative that may bring a sense of safety for the future. One of those means, and perhaps the quick one, has been investment. As all we know, technology has played a significant role in both trying to simplify traditional investment and opening frontiers for digital assets and cryptocurrency markets. However, despite the solid and technological support investment procedure remains complex, risky, lack of transparency and not accessible to everyone.

What is more, those who are already trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies could barely explain the true definition of what they have been transacting on. The degree of information needed to study and understand in order to follow an accurate decision-making process is absolutely overwhelming, especially for those without any technical background.

Investing made simple.

Nonetheless, we do believe that technology may bring broader changes in this regard if it’s aimed to meet wider needs in society. That is why we desire to generate a much greater impact by building a borderless decentralized social trading platform which effectively channels through the flows of digital assets in the Asian region while making investment in digital assets and cryptocurrencies simple and accessible for everyone.

Then, what is Carboneum about? Carboneum is basically an open protocol, with a decentralized platform for social trading, named CoinRadars, and its own utility token (C8) that is used for incentivizing people to help each other to succeed in their investment. Using the Blockchain technology help everyone to trust each other with all the transparent data, especially when it’s something that involves money. Our goal is to level the playing field and democratized the investment. We will be also completely compatible with other apps in the ecosystem such as StockRadars, CoinMax and other future platforms.

In other words, investing made simple.

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