Carboneum : Project Summary
Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Inspired through our extensive experience in building Thailand’s leading analytical tool and platform for stock investment, we aim to make investment in digital assets & cryptocurrencies simple and accessible for everyone.

Carboneum, an openly distributed protocol, is creating a democratized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. It is worth highlighting that, as an open protocol built on our off-chain technology, Carboneum will be completely compatible with other apps in the ecosystem such as StockRadars, CoinMax and other future platforms

CoinRadars platform allows users who are not equipped with the required knowhow to make their own judgement on digital asset transactions to follow expert traders and copy their trading orders, either automatically or manually. CoinRadars also promotes a great degree of customization, permitting users to adjust and match their risk preference and desired return.

Traditional social trading platform, a service that allows investors to replicate the operations of expert traders, helps solve complexity problem, but it still lacks transparency. It remains vulnerable to single point of failure risk and, at the very core, misaligns the interests of the parties involved. Our platform aims to solve these underlying problems associated with social trading today. It is built to sustain and scale with a sound revenue model where ultimate alignment of interests is structured, creating a perfectly democratized trading platform for digital assets.

The key aspect of CoinRadars is it imposes great significance on transparency and complete decentralization for trade order execution. The platform is created on the backbone of Ethereum smart contract with a token called Carboneum token (C8) that aims to provide the solution to the biggest roadblock for social trading in digital assets and cryptocurrency investment — unfair and opaque reward mechanism. The greatest belief of our core team lies in simplifying the investment experience.

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Democratized Social Trading Platform.

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Democratized Social Trading Platform.

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