How to participate in Carboneum Crowdsale

We have come a long way to this moment and we are amazed by all the support from the community. Now that we are soon to start our Crowdsale, we are happy to provide a Crowdsale participation guide before the big day. Remember, with the partnership with ICON in place, you can participate using ICX (ERC-20) AND ETH!

Carboneum Whitelist

Whitelisting will REMAIN OPEN during the crowdsale, but please note that it takes approximately 1 day for the KYC verification to be completed.
If you have not whitelisted yet, please complete your KYC at

Only whitelisted addresses of those participants who have passed KYC and have their ETH addresses inside the Crowdsale contract will be able to participate.

For Pre-sale investors, your addresses will be whitelisted in our Crowdsale contract automatically.

***Your ETH Address MUST be an ERC-20 compatible wallet. Do not send from an exchange or smart contract. Failure to do so may result in token loss (how to register your wallet with Carboneum)***

Carboneum Crowdsale

Crowdsale starts on 25th June 2018, 10am (GMT+7) and will conclude when all C8 tokens are sold, or after 8th July 2018, 10am (GMT+7), whichever occurs first.

Please contribute ONLY to the address linked to Carboneum website ( Carboneum will never post Crowdsale contract address via Telegram, Telegram admins, Social media or emails.

Individual cap for Crowdsale is 50 ETH and no minimum contribution. All C8 Tokens will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Crowdsale rate :

1 ETH = 6000 C8
1 ICX (ERC-20)= 22 C8

Recommended gas limit: 100,000

Gas price: Submit a transaction with a reasonable gas price should ensure the transaction gets through. Please refer to for an appropriate gas price to set.

You will be able to access the address for the Carboneum Crowdsale contract on as the Crowdsale starts. Please ensure beforehand that you check an address in Etherscan to ensure contract creator address starts with 0x5023.

How to participate in Carboneum Crowdsale

To contribute, please send a transaction to the Crowdsale contract address from 25 June 2018, 10am (GMT+7) using any ERC-20 compatible wallet you like.

Access and click on “BUY CARBONEUM”

To check if you are whitelisted

Use PRIVATE Ethereum wallet (Web3 DApp Browser wallet : we recommend Metamask for desktop users and Toshi for mobile users) for contributing, NOT Online Exchange accounts. You can check whether you are whitelisted by logging into your wallet and filling in your wallet address below.

You will see this message if you are whitelisted
You will see this message if you are NOT whitelisted

You can purchase C8 with both ICX (ERC-20 Tokens) and ETH tokens ;

BUY with ICX (ERC-20)

  1. If you want to purchase C8 tokens with ICX (ERC-20), click on “BUY with ICX”. Fill in your Wallet address(make sure that you have already logged into your wallet).

2. If your wallet address is NOT whitelisted, the pop-up screen will ask you to complete your KYC to be whitelisted at If you need support with your KYC process, please contact our team at Telegram group

3. If your wallet address is whitelisted, the pop-up screen will ask you to confirm your transaction.

This pop-up screen from Metamask wallet, different wallet may result in different pop-up screen

4. Fill in the amount of ICX (ERC-20) tokens you would like to use to purchase C8 Tokens (1 ICX = 22 C8).

5. Please wait for your transaction to complete. The speed of transaction depends on your gas price setting (For example, 11 GWEI would take about 1 minute)

6. After your transaction is completed, you will see a pop up screen, confirming your purchase as shown in the photo below.

7. You can check your transaction via Etherscan.

BUY with ETH

If you want to purchase C8 tokens with ETH, click on “BUY with ETH”.

  • Carboneum Smart Contract Address to which you must send ETH to in order to purchase C8 will be shown.
  • You must send ETH from any ERC-compatible wallet to the address shown in order to buy C8. Please click on “copy to clipboard” and paste the address in the “recipient address” of your wallet. Or, if your wallet lets you transfer ETH by scanning a QR code, you may scan the QR code shown with your wallet.
  • On your wallet, confirm the amount of ETH to send, then send the ETH to process the transaction.
  • Recommended 100,000 gas and a reasonable gas price.
  • After you process the transaction, please check on Etherscan to see whether it has been completed. Please note that it may take a few minutes depending on the gas price setting.
  • Tokens will be distributed as soon as the transaction is approved

Now you have successfully participated in the Carboneum token sale.

Need help or support?

Carboneum team provides personal help if you have no experience with participating in a token sale. Please contact us on Telegram or mail to: if you need extra help.

Remember that you count with three methods to complete KYC:

🔹Website KYC:
🔹LINE KYC: @carboneumkyc 
🔹Telegram KYC : @Carboneumkyc_bot

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