Investment Current Problems.

Despite technology improvements on digital assets and cryptocurrency investment, the activity remains under the threat of problems such as complexity, lack of transparency and risk of single point of failure. Therefore, undermining the opportunities for new investors enter the market or even worst make the experience of investment something regrettable.


We could say that complexity problem may encompass three different scenarios. First, the difficulty and complexity that arise when trying to understand digital assets and cryptocurrency concepts mostly for those without any technical background or any previous investment experience. Next, we may find complexity on either the interface or structure of some social trading platforms which might lead to a frustrating user experience. Finally, and perhaps one of the major issues regarding complexity, is the existing amount of complex data to be analysed in order to make successful investment decisions.

Lack of transparency

This problem is commonly point it as a drawback of centralized platforms in which users by no means can verify if each and every transaction carried out by leaders is actually copied to the followers. Moreover, centralized platforms take no accountability for significant mistakes such as failure to copy trading orders on timely basis.

Single point of failure risk

Here, another problem attributed to centralized platforms. It is well known that the centralization concept itself increases the risk of a whole system collapse due to the vulnerability to single point of failure. This could lead to serious consequences such as users’ inability to take the money out of the platform, or what’s worst, a total loss of money.

We make it simple

In order to phasing these problems and make the experience of investment simple and accessible to everyone we count with extensive and significative experience in building and maintaining an award-winning technological platform to help simplify investment process for stock and mutual funds like it is in StockRadars and FundRadars.

We strongly believe that the core foundation of our technology is entirely transferable and capable of replicating similar success in digital assets and cryptocurrency investment. That is why we are building a decentralized social trading platform -CoinRadars- with an open protocol that communicates with all major digital assets and cryptocurrencies exchanges directly. Thus, the concept imposes great significance in ideal transparency and complete decentralization for trade execution.

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