Advisor Spotlight: Andy Tian, Asia Innovation Group & GIFTO

Andy Tian is a well respected and successful serial entrepreneur (AIG, his fourth startup) and holds MIT BS & MA degrees in computer science. He was previously the general manager of Zynga China and while at Google, introduced Android to China.

As an early advisor to the Carbon Grid Protocol project, Andy has been instrumental in shaping the branding and packaging of the solution towards the extended community and users. Andy is a master at user adoption and deployment, as shown in the meticulous fashion in how he launched GIFTO and Uplive, another of his famed product which in just 18 months, boast over 25 million users and 60,000 broadcasters and content creators.

Andy Tian unveiling the GIFTO protocol with some Uplive broadcasters. (YouTube)

His latest venture, GIFTO, the virtual gifting protocol, was the first project that Binance Labs took on back in 2017, and was the fastest selling ICO in Asia where they raised $30 million in under one minute. It was four times over-subscribed and it will be the largest non-crypto adoption of blockchain technology by a mile.

The true genius behind GIFTO is that AIG has accomplished what so many of us are coming to view as a mandate for blockchain-based crypto projects in 2018: use the technology in a real world application while simultaneously generating value (functionality) for customers and revenue for your company.

Andy Tian is currently also advisor to projects such as, DACC and Media Protocol. He will be leading a Blockchain For Good initiative, where more details will be announced soon.