Advisor Spotlight: Darren Toh, Block PR &

Darren is a veteran regulatory advisor, project manager and communications specialist, where he has helped coordinate compliance & communications for a host of high-profile projects in a broad range of industries including agriculture, energy generation/distribution, manufacturing, mining, transport and logistics, telecommunications, tech innovation and of course, blockchain. Darren has also been closely involved in startups working in the area of conservation, social entrepreneurship and tech innovation. As one of the co-founders of BlockPR, he supports innovative ICO projects in the navigation of digital communities and mainstream media. Darren has also recently joined’s main team where he leads the compliance and communications.

As an advisor of Carbon Grid Protocol, Darren leverages on his experience and time as a Project Director of Carbon Conservation to accelerate the outreach and though leadership of the Carbon Grid’s team. Some of his work can be seen at the bottom of this Advisor Spotlight article.

Here is what Darren has to say about Carbon Grid Protocol:

“I’m proud to be working with CGP’s passionate and inexhaustible team to harness the vast potential of blockchain to tackle climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our time. This team is at the very heart of the blockchain revolution, leveraging growing economies to bring about real and meaningful positive change. By enabling projects to monitor and offset their carbon footprints, they’re also empowering them to develop robust environmental and social governance frameworks. This isn’t just good for the planet — it will become critical for projects raising funds, as traditional institutional investors demanding strict governance standards continue to move into crypto markets.”

Some of Darren’s work for Carbon Grid Protocol: