MetaMask — How to Create Your Own Ether Private Wallet

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4 min readMar 1, 2018


How to Download and use Metamask

If you’re on our NERA token sales whitelist and have passed the KYC process, we will explain in this post how you can create your own Ether private wallet, and participate in the NERA token crowdsale using ETH.

Please only use MEW (MyEtherWallet), Mist and/or Metamask wallets to send your ETH contributions. For the purpose of this post, we will use Metamask.

Step 1: Please visit

Please visit Metamask’s website. Check the URL to make sure it’s the correct one. We highly recommend you only use the Google Chrome browser (due to compatibility issues).

Step 2: Click the “Add to Chrome” button

Once you’ve clicked the “Get Chrome Extension” button, the Google Chrome webstore will open. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Step 3: Click “Add extension” on the pop-up to add the Metamask extension

Please read the pop-up carefully, and if you accept these warnings, please click the “Add extension” button.

Step 4: Spot the Metamask icon on the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. Proceed to click it.

Step 5: Read the Metamask Terms and Conditions Carefully.

Once you’ve clicked the Metamask icon on the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser, you will be prompted to read Metamask’s Terms and Conditions. Please confirm that you are on the “Main Net” on the top left corner of the Metamask window. After you’ve reviewed all the Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Attributions), click Accept if you accept these Terms and Conditions.

Note: In order to accept the Terms and Conditions, you will need to scroll down and read it fully.

Step 6: Enter your password in the required blank fields. Thereafter, click the “Create” button to commence the process of generating a new wallet address.

Step 7: Once you’ve created your Metamask wallet address, Metamask will provide you with a unique Metamask seed words sequence. We highly recommend that you copy this seed words sequence (ideally in hand-writing) and store it in a secure location.

Step 8: Metamask ETH account created

You have now successfully created your Metamask account. Re-confirm that you are on the “Main Network” on the top left corner of the Metamask window. Once you’ve copied or saved the seed words, click either the “I’ve copied it somewhere safe” or “Save seed words as file” options.

Thereafter, you will see your Metamask account summary in the next Metamask window page.

Step 9: Obtain your Public Ethereum address

Click on the ‘three dots’ as indicated below. Thereafter, from the drop-down menu, click on the “Copy Address to clipboard” button. This will allow you to obtain your public Ethereum address. Next, paste your public Ethereum address onto a word document or anywhere in your device.

Step 10: Unlock your ETH wallet in your Metamask Wallet and Contribute with ETH

In order to contribute to the NERA crowdsale, you will need to unlock your MEW in your Metamask wallet if you want to use this wallet to send your contributions.

When the NERA crowdsale starts on 8 March 2018, visit our website and login using the account you’ve previously created. Please read thoroughly the Terms of Sale and accept terms and conditions by click on “Contribute Now” and following through with the next steps on the screen.

As always, thank you for your support! We look forward to do Green with you and the NewEra community!

Go Green!

NewEra Team