EPIC is who EPIC does

On our previous article, we mentioned the importance of our culture at Carbono. This culture revolves around our EPIC values, which stands for: empathy, passion, innovation, and creativity.

Every single one of the people that make up this team believes in these values. It is very important for our team that we have people with great personalities and that can show it in what they do on a daily basis. The point of all of this is to really enjoy what we do, to have fun at work, and most importantly: to make work fun.

You can’t have a fun culture without the right people.

With the right people we can create a great culture, and with a great culture we can attract more of the right people. It’s a matter of finding out who we are, what we want, and what motivates us.

There are different factors that make up our culture such as humor, music, our initiation process, how we celebrate birthdays, when we bring our pets to the office, taco-Fridays, our drawings on the walls, and the list goes on! Every single one of these items plays an important role to build an EPIC workplace.

As we go on with these series of articles describing (bragging) about our culture here at Carbono, we will introduce different aspects as well as part of our team for everybody to know us a little better. It is our privilege and pleasure to be your business-next-door-neighbors. Come join us sometime for tacos!

Actual artwork at Carbono.