We begin this story

It has been a very interesting and joyful journey that got us to where we are right now. Since 2012 we began to work with an idea that has had several identities and names throughout these years as it continued growing. Today, we begin this story called Carbono.

Carbono is the sum of different mindsets, ideas, efforts, and talents which share one main goal: To close the gap between the human and the digital world by creating enhanced user experiences.

As we begin this adventure, we realize the great effort and commitment that has allowed us to be where we stand: a great team of techonology professionals (adicts) who desire to be known for being different.

Our talent and drive are moving us towards delivering the best quality services available while working in an international platform (operating both in Mexico and US). Our strongest asset is our culture. Why do we think this? Well, because we see our culture as magic. This magic within us is the spark that turns ideas into solutions and co-workers into friends. This spark ignites our EPIC company values (empathy, passion, innovation, and creativity).

As HR Leader in Carbono, I feel proud of the importance and reach that our culture gives us towards building a better team and showing that through our products and services. Everyday, we experience the richness of having a team of very different people that can still focus on achieving the same goals.

Like any new endeavour, we hope at Carbono to make a lot of friends along the way to share our successes and experiences with. Come join us to seek opportunities to enhance human experiences through technology. After all, are you looking for results, or EPIC results?