The Future Of Food Is Insects

An Introduction To Bugriculture 🦗

Adara Hagman


Credit: Fast Company

What will your dinner plate look like in 2040?

I ask myself this question, quite often because I love thinking about what the future could look like and I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. 🔑

If the future is whatever we decide to create, then let’s change this question.

What does food production for our current food look like today and where does it need improvement?

Today (writing this in May 2020 👋🏼) the way we produce food is highly inefficient wasting large amounts of resources (land, water, etc.), is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions with approximately 24% of carbon emissions being emitted from agriculture sources every year (EPA), and if that’s not enough we also have something called “ the food crisis.”

The food crisis is the inaccessibility of nutritional food.

Every day, almost 815 million people (World Vision) go hungry due to undernourishment or lack of access to food as a whole!

This is a HUGE problem because without adequate nutrition sources we currently have 9 million people dying of hunger every year (The World…