Is your car monsoon ready? Here are a few monsoon car care tips for you

The monsoon is here. Along with much needed relief from the scorching summer heat, the rainy season brings with it a great deal of moisture — which for your car, could mean exposure to the possibility of rust and corrosion. This is why your car may not necessarily share the same amount of love for the rains as you might.

Here are a few tips to make driving easier, and safer this monsoon.

  1. Safeguard your car from the rains
    Park your car in a space with decent ventilation, and do not drape your car in humid conditions, as it causes rust to set in. Moisture usually takes a toll on your car, so try and use a rust-fighting cocktail (diesel + used engine oil) or wax polish on the underbody, engine bay, and leaf springs.

2. Protect your car’s paint.
Rainwater sometimes has acidic components, which could corrode the outer layer of your car’s paint. An easy way to combat this is to use a protective coat, that safeguards it from acidic rainwater and bird droppings, and also makes your car easier to clean without the worry of chipping the paint.

3. Take care of your brakes.
If your brakes happen to get wet, ensure that you get your car out of the water as soon as possible. Once you are out, hold down the brake pedal and accelerate slowly to dry out the brake pads. If the problem persists, contact Carcrew to get your car to a service centre to get checked out.

4. Check your windscreen wipers
Driving in the rain means that visibility can be a challenge. Therefore, well functioning windshield wipers are of the utmost importance. The wiper blades xhelp with your visibility, therefore you must make sure that your wiper motor is functioning properly.

5. Clean your car regularly
Excess water can get into your car easily, whether its through a half open window or through wet clothes and shoes. Water usually affects the seats and mats, and can leave a bad odour in the car if not taken care of properly. During the monsoons, don’t settle for regular cleaning. Use a car freshener to keep your car smelling fresh.

6. Check your tyres
Don’t let your car skid around the monsoon roads. Your tyre should provide all the traction that you need to be safe on the roads, especially in the monsoon when the roads are full of mud and grime.

7. Regular Check up
As we all know, regular servicing reduces the chances of a break down. Checking brake pads and disc callipers, cleaning the air filter, checking all the seals, removing all the carbon from the spark plugs are things that should be on the top of your check list while giving our car for a quick pre-monsoon check up

8. Ensure your air-conditioning is working:
Always use your air-conditioning to avoid fogging up your car wind screens and windows.

9. Driving through water
It is advisable to refrain from driving through more than six — eight inches of water. However if you must, always do so in a lower gear and at a higher rpm.

10. Insulate your wiring
Insulate your wires with the help of duct tape to avoid any short circuits and make sure all your fuses are working well and are protected

If at all your car faces any issue during the season or you have any questions, doubts or simply want to get your vehicle checked up and serviced, don’t forget to call us on +91–7045996415 now or visit

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