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News and project updates from the Cardano ecosystem. Articles from Project teams, SPOs, and community writers. Not affiliated or endorsed by IOG / any Cardarno governing body, just community driven. To add your project, email cardanojournals@protonmail.com.
Note from the editor

Thanks to all the projects and writers for adding their content! Look forward to watching the ecosystem flourish in 2022.

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Oliver Ross
IT / Telco product manager by day, podcast addict and economics nerd by night. Consultant at: wholegraintech.com
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Fort Gotten 🪖
Welcome to the realm of the forgotten kidz. 🏕️ NFT Collection. Discord → https://discord.com/invite/fortgotten
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MuesliSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for Cardano. On a mission towards a decentralized future.
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Blockchain Enabled Entertainment.
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Maladex Team
The research driven DEX.
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Sustainable ADA
The Stepping Stones to a Sustainable, & Equitable World for All
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Christos Palaskas
Software Test Engineer, Blockchain Technologies. Cryptocurrency enthousiast, Cardano Staking Pool Operator. Pacific Northwest nature lover. Former monk.
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Philip | Boba Tea
AKA, Boba Tea, the software engineer on SushiBytes
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A flan with a plan - A ghostwriter on the Ghostchain — Here to discuss Cardano, Crypto & Finance
Go to the profile of Artano
A community-driven NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain.
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TruEra Festival
The first CNFT music festival opens his gates! With TruEra Festival we want to revive the alternative music scene, lifestyle and flair of the 90s and early 00s.
Go to the profile of WingRiders
WingRiders powered by @Vacuumlabs
Go to the profile of Cardano Sounds CNFT
Cardano Sounds CNFT
Building decentralized audio NFT platform on Cardano
Go to the profile of Smart Contract Audit Token
Smart Contract Audit Token
A DAO that performs decentralized smart contract audits completely independent and free from any conflicts of interest. Funded by Project Catalyst.
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Go to the profile of Acta Finance
Acta Finance
Acta Finance (ActaFi) is a cross-dual-chain DeFi ecosystem, powered by Cardano and Avalanche.
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Drip Dropz
Drip Dropz provides token dispensing services to the Cardano community. An intuitive platform that offers projects a selection of distribution parameters.
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Go to the profile of PortalJumper
Go to the profile of Cardashift
An ecosystem of #DeFi products and professional services to enable social & green transitions — https://www.cardashift.com
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Cardano’s most innovative NFT marketplace.
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Go to the profile of Patryk | Cardano SPO/NFT Column
Patryk | Cardano SPO/NFT Column
Ambassador for Bio Pool | Writer and Translator for The Cryptonomist | Watch “Dominion (2018)” on YouTube
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Go to the profile of Sacred Femmes
Sacred Femmes
Sacred femmes from the Moons of Cardano.
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B58 Finance
A Multi-Feature DeFi wallet on Cardano Blochain.