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From my work with projects across the Cardano ecosystem for Cardano Journal, I’ve found a common struggle for projects is illustrating their technology and value proposition to the average (non-technical) consumer.

At the heart of most projects are skilled engineers, who are usually most comfortable writing a white paper with all the key specifications to a high level of detail. Whilst I spend most of my working day reading theses types of documents and enjoy the specificity, a lot of people find it hard to read and understand these.


I believe there is a strong use case for projects to have an easy to read Litepaper style page on their website with links, explainer videos, and info graphics. Presenting simple feature-benefit information which is easy for all readers to understand. It’s essential these are still technically accurate, which is where the hard part comes in, narrowing down your technology and advantages into easy to communicate concepts.

Potentially I can assist:

In my 9–5 I’m the head of ICT product management in a Managed Services Provider (MSP). I provide consultation to our sales team across our range of IT managed Services, Professional Services (systems engineering), and our UC offerings.

My day to day is:

  • Designing products & pricing models
  • Writing up service catalogues
  • Assisting presales with statements of work and project documents
  • Reading system documentation, proposal documents, and contracts
  • Calls with clients to boil down the technicalities into easy to understand value propositions for their business

Outside of my 9–5 I have —— to focus on some IT consultation work. But over the past months I’ve been getting more and more involved in the Cardano community due to my Medium publication and I’m now more interested in working to help projects in this space.

If there are some areas of your project you would like assistance with, get in touch at and lets discuss.





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