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Pay for Netflix with Cardano

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Revuto is launching a subscription management platform to make it easy to sign up for, manage, and cancel your subscriptions. Revuto enables you to pay for your subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify etc) with Cardano native assets and links into DeFi to enable potentially more tax efficient ways to use your capital. On top of this, Revuto will be adding incentives to paying through their platform with REVU tokens.

So overall it looks like the Revuto mission is to bring day to day real world utility to the Cardano ecosystem, enable and incentivise current ADA holders to use their assets for monthly subscriptions but also to encourage adoption from non crypto users.

Fiat on-ramp integration is slated for this years roadmap as seen below. This should assist with mainstream non crypto native adoption from users looking to save money and make subscription management easier.

Roadmap from:

Get involved

Early signups are currently closed but the app is live on google play, check it out here. A very mixed bag of reviews at the moment, will have to wait and see how it pans out.

As with all new projects, nothing is certain and there is no track record of security or safety. I haven't been able to find any audits yet and the whitepaper is fairly high level.

I think the project looks cool, but I will wait and watch for a while before I sign up.

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