Announcement regarding extension of date of launch of SpinADA IDO

obaid ul ahad
Oct 9 · 3 min read

Hello Guys

We have been working relentlessly with a pretty small team for bringing about multiple things at record breaking speed. It’s been One and a half months so far, and we have achieved many things.

In the last one and a half months, we were able to roll out a completely new website which has been praised by the entire community.

We rolled out staking and also got it audited from two reputed auditors. Cardence holders have already staked more than 10 Million CRDN which is a record in itself.

We were also able to roll out our decentralized presale platform with a completely new design and everyone who saw it has praised the UI/UX which shows that the team has put immense efforts in it. Soon, we will see the first sale going live on the decentralized presale platform.


But we are operating with a fairly small team and that too remotely. We could not get time to either hire a team or get an office. But now, we are choking under the workload and it is the call of the hour to slow down the progress and get things in shape before the next sprint.

We want to prioritize few things before we proceed further:

  1. Hire 8–10 more people in the team with varied experiences like Graphic designers , Content creators , Blockchain developers and Digital marketers. We also want to hire special talent for influencer marketing. Similarly, we need front end developers.
  2. We are scouting for office spaces in Kolkata, India and soon Cardence will have its own office. We are taking a larger office so that incubated teams can also operate from our premises if the need be. We will close a deal within the next week.
  3. We have hired a UK based marketing agency for creating a launch plan for IDOs coming on Cardence and for its execution. Paul leads the team and will soon be a regular part of Cardence. A detailed announcement regarding this and as to what Paul will be adding to the project will come soon.

It is the holiday season in India right now. Any hiring is possible only after 15th October and similarly, most offices are closed. So things are proceeding at a slower speed than usual. However, the current team is operating full throttle.

Decision regarding date extension of SpinADA

Owing to the facts that we felt that we are not getting adequate time for creating a hype around SpinADA and that we cannot afford to have a dull first IDO, we have decided to extend the dates further. It became necessary as we felt that we are not ready to do the IDOs on the announced dates. Our newly hired agency needed more time to get things in shape and our small team needed more time to hire and shift to a new office.

Owing to these circumstances, we have been forced to announce an extension. I understand that it does not sound great and we did see repercussions in the recent dumps. But being honest about things seems to be better than failing to deliver the promise.

Here I am giving you the updated dates :

Screenshot of staking contract for private sale : 26 October, 2021 ( Anytime prior to the sale. )

Private Round Sale :

Starts : 27th October 2021 1400 UTC

Ends: 29th October 2021 1400 UTC

Screenshot of staking contract for public sale : 28 October, 2021 ( Anytime prior to the sale. )

Public Round Sale :

Starts : 29th October 2021 1700 UTC

End : 03rd November 2021 14 00 UTC


At : 03rd November 2021 1700 UTC

Thanks & Regards