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Car Design Chronicles
Automotive styling broken down into short and simple posts, each one based on a recent event of the industry
Note from the editor

Design often makes us think of superlative items such as trendy clothes, gourmet dishes, and TV show-like houses. However, that’s only a part of what it means: design depends on time, region, history, and the consumer. As a result, there are endless possibilities to work with it; the challenge is for the manufacturer to make each product send the message precisely as it intends. When it comes to cars, design has produced everything from best-sellers to painful flops; from nearly-idolized models to forgettable lemons. That happens because it goes way beyond external styling: names, for example, are an abstract concept which has huge influence on any car model. In the end, design is a continuous invitation to rethink what people want and how can the industry offer it. This page attempts to honor all that by analyzing individual events from the car world rather than merely the latest releases, so every Chronicle features a different and exclusive vision of design — it’s a nice way to brush up your skills and memories! Most articles are also available in Portuguese and English; feel free to browse from the tabs on the home page and leave comments!

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Danillo Almeida
Writer and future engineer striving to work with car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.