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A picture is worth a thousand words, but you need both to tell the full story

How working with a talented photographer allowed me to accept the moniker of ‘writer’ and appreciate my own skills.

Flatlay image of a desk with a laptop, notebook, and camera arranged neatly on it.
Image credit: KonstantinKolosov, Licensed via Envato Elements
Young, moustachioed man in dress shirt and vest sits at an old-fashioned desk in front of a typewriter.
Perhaps this is the image I had in my head for what a ‘real’ writer looked like. (Image credit: AboutImages, Licensed via Envato Elements.)
Computer keyboard with the keys spelling out the word “HELP”.
My thoughts when being labelled ‘the writer’. Image credit: rawf8, Licensed via Envato Elements.

I am supremely uncomfortable when people describe me as a writer, even though I have been working in marketing and copywriting for a few years.

Group of kids telling scary stories on Halloween. Young boy telling the story is holding a torch underneath his chin.
“…and the editor never heard from their author ever again.” Image credit: seventyfourimages, Licensed via Envato Elements.
Black and white image of Joan Didion at her home in Hollywood in 1970, staring into the camera and holding a cigarette.
Joan Didion at home in Hollywood in 1970. Image credit: Julian Wasser / Netflix



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