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Why Cardstack is a game changer for developers

Cardstack Team
May 26, 2018 · 4 min read
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1. Let the Framework do the heavy lifting

Right now if you’re a developer, you have to make a decision — day one — about which path you’re going to take with a project — web, peer-to-peer, mobile, etc.

2. Rewrite the playbook

The exciting challenge in blockchain development right now is figuring out how to create a user experience that matches or exceeds the offerings from Silicon Valley superpowers. Whoever cracks this puzzle will set the standards for the decentralized Internet of the future.

3. Collaborate across disciplines

Because the Cardstack Hub makes it easier for people from diverse backgrounds to participate in blockchain development and design, Chris emphasized that you’ll get to engage in a much more vibrant and robust community than those we’ve seen coming out of Silicon Valley.

4. Build something bigger

When you contribute to the Cardstack ecosystem, you’re doing more than creating a standalone piece of software — you’re building on the open source tools others have provided, and giving back by adding your own. Chris put it this way:

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