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Card Schema Explained

Lightly edited transcript of Chris Tse’s tech talk

In this technical talk for developers, Cardstack’s Founding Director Chris Tse speaks in depth about the concepts and design of card schemas, one of the basic building blocks of Cardstack.

What is a card? (2:31)

What is in a card? (5:42)

What is in the card schema? (9:10)

How does a card compose its content? (11:30)

What is a card’s facade? (14:21)

How do composite cards support facades? (15:53)

Can a card have multiple facades? (18:51)

How do we deal with new versions of card schemas? (21:42)

When does a card snapshot its contained cards? (25:11)

How do you copy or move a card to a new hub? (31:18)

Status & strategy (33:47)

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Chris Tse

Technologist, designer, and founding director of the open-source @Cardstack Project. Building the experience layer of Web 3.0.