Cardstack Joins Hyperledger

Cardstack joins open-source blockchain project along with FedEx, Honeywell, and others

At Cardstack, we’re very excited to join the Hyperledger family today, as one of 14 projects officially stepping aboard the Linux Foundation’s open-source effort to bring blockchain to real industry use cases around the world.

Hyperledger teams are developing, testing, and deploying multiple blockchain technologies, each designed to play a different role in the decentralized application stack. Like Hyperledger, we strongly believe the most important applications in the coming decentralized Internet will not be fully blockchain-based, but will use blockchains in specific ways — for example, identity, hosting, voting, data privacy, rights management — alongside the existing global cloud infrastructure. This is a critical understanding which will allow blockchain to appeal beyond a small circle of enthusiasts and prove its utility for the mass market.

Cardstack helps take Hyperledger projects one step closer to their fully realized potential: by serving as a unifying experience layer that allows new applications to take shape around Hyperledger’s protocols and services. Our goal — and the intention of the Cardstack Framework — is to let users simultaneously interact with multiple blockchains, and multiple aspects of the cloud, in a cohesive way. When we provide the connective middleware, then we will be able to break down existing barriers between permissionless and permissioned ledgers, so all kinds of protocols can share value and utility in a common environment.

From the Cardstack Whitepaper.

Hyperledger technology has already played an important role in the development of the Cardstack Framework. Now, Cardstack will also be an active contributor to the Hyperledger community. As we adopt their open-source tools, we will provide Hyperledger with real-world requirements that will continue to push the project to grow.

We’re looking forward to working closely with other Hyperledger members, which now include over 270 organizations and leaders in fields such as finance, supply chain, government, healthcare, and IoT, all contributing to the open-source effort to jumpstart enterprise adoption of distributed ledger technology. These collaborations are what sets Hyperledger apart from every other organization in the blockchain space, and what makes it a more vital community now than ever.

We’re dedicated to contributing all that we can, and learning from our shared efforts to turn the decentralized Internet into a reality.

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