The Cardstack Ethereum Plugin: Technical Overview

Exposing your smart contract as a RESTful service

Hassan Abdel-Rahman
Aug 23, 2018 · 14 min read

How Does a Cardstack Plugin Work?

The Ethereum Plugin


Reference 1: Ethereum data-source configuration test-setup. GitHub.
Reference 2: Smart contract schema assertions. GitHub.
Reference 3: Ledger entry schema assertions. GitHub.
Reference 4: Ledger entry schema assertions for functions with multiple return values. GitHub


Reference 5: “sample-token” data-source configuration from unit tests. GitHub
Reference 6: Ethereum event triggers indexing. GitHub
Reference 7: Ethereum event triggers underlying contract indexing. GitHub

Smart Contract API


Reference 8: CARD token API response of
Reference 9: CARD token holder API response of
Reference 10: Querying the Cardstack Hub API[vesting-schedule-duration-sec]=31622400

Putting It All Together

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The experience layer of the decentralized Internet.