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Sep 29: Inside Cardstack This Week

Workflow persistence, prepaid cards, Card Pay beta & Card Space name reservation

Workflow Persistence

We are adding workflow persistence to all current workflows in the Card Pay dApp, so that users can return to a workflow after closing the tab. This is a feature that is needed before we launch, as some of the workflow processes — especially those that interact with mainnet — take several minutes to confirm. The workflow persistence is stored on your browser and should not change the privacy scope of the dApp.

Prepaid Card Inventory

We have completed the end-to-end protocol testing on the allocation and delivery of prepaid cards based on Apple Pay transactions. Now, once users select the denomination of a prepaid card in the Card Wallet, they are guaranteed to have a card allocated, even if it takes some time for the tokens to be transferred before the actual card reaches the wallet. This is another feature we needed to finalize before the launch, so that the system will behave correctly as demand for prepaid cards rises, even when supply is low.

Beta Program

We continue to add participants to our beta program in order to further test the growing features of the Card Pay dApp and the Card Wallet app.

These participants have allowed us to identify areas in the app that need cleaning, such as improving the payment confirmation screens and fixing a bug that complicates switching between accounts. We thank the community for their continued feedback! It greatly helps us prioritize the areas of the apps that need improvement.

Donation / Tipping

Twitter recently announced a tipping function, where you can make donations to accounts in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Card Pay protocol supports a tipping-based workflow that is completely non-custodial. Instead, it relies on QR codes. We have just completed the final design of the donation module for Card Space. It will allow users who have created merchant accounts to generate various QR codes that can then be displayed on their websites to accept direct donations from customers or patrons. This is one of the first integrations that we will make between Card Pay and Card Space.

Card Space Name Reservation

We want to give early users who sign up for Card Space the ability to reserve their Card Space URL (eg. by using our workflow system. We intend to convert these name reservations into ERC-721 NFTs. Therefore, during the pre-registration phase, we will allow beta users to select them before anybody else. Stay tuned to see when that system goes up.

Beyond NFTs as Collectibles

As we are working on the Card Commerce protocol — our tool that allows NFTs to be bought and sold on layer 2 — we have compiled our thoughts on how NFTs can be used in more exciting ways than as mere digital collectibles. We also delve into how NFTs serve out their utility at the intersection of culture and commerce. Many of our special features in Card Commerce revolve around using the ownership of NFTs as criteria for special access or discounts. We invite you to read this article here.

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