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Jul 8 · 4 min read
Join our official Discord channel: Cardstack Community (find instructions below)

We created our Telegram group in January 2018 and within weeks, new members poured in by the thousands. In order for the Cardstack Project to grow further and evolve into a thriving ecosystem that can bring about the open-source era we all desire, we need to make sure that our communication strategy addresses everyone who wishes to contribute, especially the developer community. To that end, we have been beta-testing a new platform in the last few months: Discord.

We have learned two important lessons from this successful beta-test:

  1. We need to avoid internal communication fragmentation on different platforms.
  2. We need to move from an invitation-only to a please-come-in community.

Although Discord proved to be very useful, our communication became more fragmented through the addition of a new platform, as our developers communicated on Discord, while the rest of the team focused on Slack. Moreover, our community members couldn’t join our Discord channel without a personal invitation.

Therefore, inspired by the Ember community’s approach and their Slack-to-Discord migration, our plan is to consolidate our communication and have everyone who is a part of Cardstack — both our team and our community — in one place, in one channel. With that in mind, we are closing our Slack accounts (thus saving on licensing fees that Slack no longer needs anyway) as well as retiring our current Discord server. We are moving all our internal and external discourse to a new Discord server titled “Cardstack Community” — moving from personal-invite-only to public access!

This will ease communication between everyone, allowing us to be more available to and connect more deeply with our community members. We still have our trusted moderators from AmaZix to help keep the conversation on topic — but now, everyone gets insights into the internal workings of the Cardstack Project. Our core team members can answer questions from our community more easily and directly if everybody is on the same platform. More importantly, our community members can actually watch our team work, as they now get access to our team channels! With reading rights to our #design and #developers channels, they can peek into our design mock-ups and monitor our development progress in real time. This way, our community is always the first to know everything that is going on at Cardstack.

Joining our new Discord channel is easy.

Just click on this link to become a member of our official Cardstack Discord channel.

We are very happy to welcome you to “Cardstack Community”! Feel free to comment, discuss, or ask questions about the Cardstack Project in our #general channel. Watch our developers and designers talk and work in the #developers and #design channels. And make sure you check out #news-and-announcements, where all the news about our project will be posted first.

A note for all our current Discord members: Our old server will become read-only as we move to the new one. Once you join, we will give you the same posting rights you have now. If you have an urgent request to get your permissions right away, you can post it in #ask-the-mods-public on the new server.

Below is all the information you need in order to use our Discord channel, thus be part of our movement to bring the Internet into the Web 3.0 era.

How to get started:

New users can post in #general and #help. But we invite you to join more of our channels. All you need to do is review the Server Rules below, then ask in #ask-the-mods-public to get a “Community Member Role”. This role will let you post in more channels than just #help and #general right away.

If you ever see a problem on Discord, please report it using @mods.

Server rules:

- Keep comments constructive

- No spam/promotions

- No price and exchange speculations

- Be kind and respectful. Follow the Cardstack Code of Conduct.

- Follow the Discord Community Guidelines.

- Nicknames: Be yourself (don’t impersonate someone else). A mod may ask you to change your nickname if it is offensive or could be offensive to others. Nicknames that seem like they may be spam accounts will receive a DM from a server moderator, to confirm that there’s a community member behind that account; if the user doesn’t respond, that user may be removed from the server.

Violations of these rules may result in immediate removal from the server.

Additional Discord Tips:

All notifications except @ mentions are turned off by default.

To mute channels, right-click on the channel name and select the “mute” option from the menu. You can also mute an entire category.

You can manage your own server-wide notifications by following these steps:

1. Select the server menu.

2. Choose “notification settings”.

3. Customize the settings, so you have the Discord experience that works best for you!

We encourage you to enable 2FA for your Discord account. You can find instructions here.

We’ll be happy to see you in our official “Cardstack Community” on Discord!

How to join our new server:

Once again, just click on this link to become a member of our official Cardstack Discord channel.


The experience layer of the decentralized Internet. https://cardstack.com

Cardstack Team

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The experience layer of the decentralized Internet. https://cardstack.com

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