CardWallet + MELD: Partnership Announcement

Tiago Serôdio
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4 min readSep 22, 2021


Being a part of the Cardano ecosystem gives us a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow from others in the same community. One such exciting opportunity that we decided to explore is our collaboration with MELD .

Similar to our partnership with Ardana, the goal of this partnership is also to bring our development teams together and work on a web3 implementation to build innovative solutions in this space together. We will work together to develop web3 and in the long run integrate MELD’s tech stack into CardWallet for added functionalities.

Let us take you through a brief understanding of what MELD is and what our future could look like.

What is MELD?

MELD is the first DeFi, non-custodial, banking protocol.

Users can securely lend & borrow both crypto and fiat currencies with ease and stake your MELD tokens for APY. In simple terms, it is the world’s first decentralized and non-custodial banking stack for DeFi.

Here are a few interesting features of MELD:

  • Open-source
  • Non-custodial liquidity protocol for borrowing fiat(USD and EUR) against crypto collateral
  • MELD token is used for governance
  • MELD can be staked to earn yield

Here are a couple of reasons why one would choose MELD:

Cash Loans:

  • A unique feature which is not offered commonly
  • Users can get an instant loan against cryptocurrencies
  • Competitive APRs

Protect Your Crypto Holdings:

  • You can unlock the value in your cryptocurrency without liquidating your position. You can leverage the value of your crypto to borrow cash whenever you need it.

Decentralized and Trustless

MELD uses smart contracts to ensure complete transparency and fairness for all parties. All processes, contracts, terms, and events are transparent for the community to view.

Borderless and Democratic

MELD’s smart contracts are not affected by economic or political changes. Another interesting thing to note about MELD is that, even though it is a banking protocol, no tax event is triggered in any part of the protocol, ensuring utmost protection for the users.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

CardWallet and MELD have a common vision of increasing user participation in the DeFi ecosystem by making it seamless for users to interact with the DeFi protocols. Through this partnership, the combined brains behind the projects will come together to provide relevant features and creative solutions to solve user pain points in the Cardano community.

This professional relationship between the two projects would facilitate a connection between the traditional FinTech ecosystem and the DeFi ecosystem built on Cardano. Banking protocols such as MELD can create several opportunities for the CardWallet community to earn rewards and vice-versa.

Through this partnership, we hope to enrich each other’s technical capabilities as well as expand our reach by bringing our communities closer together.

Community Benefits?

As the technology innovation pieces move forward at a rapid rate with this partnership, there is also a lot to offer to our communities. This partnership would ensure that your assets remain safe with CardWallet due to our non-custodial nature, at the same time allowing you to explore decentralized banking bridging both the fiat and the crypto worlds together.

MELD provides a fast, safe and transparent set of tools for all participants to lend and borrow in the ecosystem. Our partnership with MELD opens up a lot of opportunities for both crypto native and non-native users as users can use their current cryptocurrencies and get a loan in fiat.

Tiago Serodio, the CEO and co-founder of CardWallet says:

“ A decentralized banking stack is just the perfect project for us to collaborate with. I am quite sure that our teams are going to work on several pioneering creations to build a brighter future for our community. Looking forward to our partnership with MELD.”

CardWallet will be announcing several other partnerships with exciting projects in the Cardano ecosystem. So, stay tuned and do not miss our updates!

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